We started the summer with three big prayer items. I had them in a specific order in my prayer journal and that is how we prayed and sought the Lord as we made decisions. The fun thing about it is that the list got turned upside down and everything seems to be falling into place. Here is how our list looked.
1. Natalie’s school for kindergarten – public, private or home school
2. Duffy’s job – keep working the same schedule, reduce schedule or phase out
3. Add to our family or not (This one got skipped in most of the prayer times thinking about we would deal with it next year)
Here is how the answers happened
1. We found out we are pregnant. – I guess we will add to our family and deal with it now. Surprised but happy.
2. A lady at my office turned in her notice which required me to hire a replacement. We hired someone full time which will allow me to phase out of my job. Yikes and Yipee at the same time.
3. We chose to homeschool Natalie for kindergarten. She is high on the waiting list for a great magnet school here in Hendersonville. We are hoping to get in for first grade. After prayer and lots of visiting other schools we chose to pour into Natalie and enjoy this year with her. So far so good. It has its challenges but we (Natalie and I) are enjoying the time and freedom.

I knew when I wrote the list at the beginning of summer that this next year would be a year of change but I really had no idea how much change would be coming. We found this all out in July. It was a crazy month. We are hoping for quiet August. God is good and faithful to answer our prayers and we can honestly see His lead as we try to follow faithfully through these life changes.