My weekend with Brown Ears

To begin our weekend with Brown Ears we went to Chik-fil-a for lunch. I had fun eating and then playing with my baby sister, Anabel and it was fun to have Brown Ears with us. That afternoon we came back to school to get my older sister Natalie. For dinner my Mimi took us to play and eat. Then we went home and Brown Ears was so good during story time before bed.

Saturday morning Mommy took Anabel, Brown Ears and I to Streets of Indian Lake for the Farmers Market where we bought some fruit. After that we went to a car show to see Daddy and cheer him on in the competition. We saw a pink car and called it the Barbie car. I had my picture taken with Brown Ears in front of the Barbie Car. While we were at the park we visited the Bowen Campbell Museum.

Saturday afternoon we took Brown Ears to a birthday party for our friend Weston. While I was busy eating my cake, my little sister picked up Brown Ears and gave him some juice and grapes. She really likes Brown Ears and cried sometimes when he had to go with me. We found her a special baby so she wouldn’t be too sad.

On Sunday Brown Ears stayed home while we went to our new church – Redeemer Church. We had a swim party after church with some friends and Brown Ears had to stay inside so that he didn’t fall in the pool. (I don’t think he can swim but don’t tell him because I don’t want to hurt his feelings) That night Brown Ears went with us to Grandma and Pops’ house to spend the night. He did really good and we had fun watching movies, playing games and eating chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

We came home on Monday and had another day to swim with family. The weather was so nice that I brought Brown Ears out to sit on the swing and watch everyone swim. That afternoon my daddy took Brown Ears and I for a ride in his Cobra. We had fun and even got to drive, well sort of. We were so tired we crashed and my puppy Daisy joined us as fell asleep. I had such a great weekend with Brown Ears. He is so cuddly and fun!
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