The girls and I enjoy doing crafts together. As they get older their wishes and wants get more expensive. Last year Natalie saved @$200 for church camp and is working to save again this year. Courtney misplaced her ipod and wants to save up for a replacement. So…we decided to see what we could do to sell the crafty things we make. We have tried this a little in the past with not much success. This time we bought some inventory and paid to have a booth at Natalie’s schools Fall Fest. The entry fee was not high and we split all the cost of supplies as well.

We came up with the name Craft Cuties and I put my design skills to work. It was fun to create a logo, signs, business cards and even a website. You can purchase these fun crafts directly from their website and have them delivered if you are local or we can ship it to you. The girls are also working on a couple of how to videos that should be available soon.

Here are a few pictures of our first booth. We made back our investment and made a small profit. Now all that we will sell will be profit. It has been a good lesson to teach the girls about expenses, supply and demand, competition, pricing, and a little hard work. Anabel even made a bracelet that sold! So cute. Visit

Booth table1 Booth table2 Natalie and Court Court and Anabel