Courtney loves to sing. In the car, at the table, in the tub – but especially in her bed (loudly) after Natalie has gone to sleep and she is bored. I have decided that her middle name should be Persistent. I know that one day it will serve her well but there are days that it hits my limit. She just smiles and looks at you like “what did I do?”. The night before last, we put the girls to bed and went about our regular activities. About 30 minutes later, Mike went to check on the girls. Natalie was asleep but Courtney was not even in her bed. She had walked quietly down to Natalie’s room and was playing in the floor with her princess dolls. She just looked at him sheepishly and went back to her bed. As I typing this, Mike just went around the corner and found her in the same place. See what I mean – Persistent.