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A day with the tornado

Posted on Jan 21, 2011 by in Anabel | 2 comments

Anabel is in the tornado stage of life. You can quickly see where she has been by the wake of the damage she leaves behind.

Room #1 after Anabel passed through

Room #2 Anabel tried to replace the toilet paper that was out. Unfortunately I think she thought it was more fun to unwrap a whole new roll and put it in the toilet. We were able to save most of the other rolls in the new package.

Room #3

Room #3 from another angle

Room #4 Then I found her in another bathroom “cleaning” the toilet with a wash cloth and getting water everywhere as well as spraying windex on the dryer and wiping it clean too.

Room #5 Right before nap I found her reading a story to her baby. And this was all before her nap at 11 am.


  1. I know this feeling! Eve can clean off the toy shelves and empty the contents of her kitchen faster than I can even think. Is Anabel 2? Eve’s 2. She’s more of a climber than David ever was and much more determined. And I have another one right behind her.

  2. That is a busy girl!! Rosalie is a bit more curious than my boys were. She also tries to “help” more than the boys did. She keeps me on my toes. It seems that Anabel keeps you on your toes too!

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