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A Pirate

Posted on Dec 24, 2006 by in Natalie | 2 comments

Last week, Mike and the girls were on their way to the post office. Natalie was playing with a doll from the movie Pirates of the Carribean (Thank you to McDonalds for that). As Mike walked into the post office he saw a man with a patch on his eye and braced himself. Natalie did exactly what Mike expected. She looked at Mike and said “Look Daddy, He is a Pirate”. Mike tried to get her to talk softly and she persisted that the man with a patch was indeed a pirate. The lady behind them in line found it quiet humourous. You just never what they will say or when it will be said.


  1. Duffy,

    I made a movie of the girls with Dorah’s new Christmas present software, Premiere Elements 3.0. It even has music, but it’s 49 Mbytes in size, what is the best way to get it to you?

    Is it possible to upload to your web site? I think you and Mike will enjoy it.


  2. Hey dad
    I don’t know of a way but I will see if i can figure it out.

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