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Posted on Nov 1, 2006 by in Courtney | 1 comment

On the way home last night Courtney said her ABC’s. _ ok well almost. I said each letter and then Natalie repeated it and then Courtney would repeat it after us. She missed a couple like W and G but we were so proud of her. Tonight on the way home we had to play it a little differently and Natalie said the letters first. Courtney didn’t quiet get it this time but Natalie was so sweet – she would just say, “I think that is her way of saying the letter” whenever Courtney made an unuasual sound that did not relate to the letter.

1 Comment

  1. This is so cute, but doesn’t surprise me with such a smart Mom and Dad around. How much lipstick did Courtney rub on the tub, walls and surrounding areas? They are both very sweet and smart children. Love You All. Aunt Peggy

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