Anabel had the opportunity to do a little ballet dance in the Martina Mcbride Joy of Christmas show at the Ryman tonight. She takes ballet with Haley Stapleton at Pirouettes of Praise. We really adore Haley and are so thankful that as she teaches classical ballet she uses praise music, prays with the girls and teaches them to use the gift of dance to glorify God. The girls were so cute and really did a great job! Totally the “Awe, how cute” factor! Just listen to the audience as you watch them dance. Below is the full video. I posted a clip and couple of pics on Facebook but the app I used Pic, Play, Post only used a small clip of the video.

Anabel is second from the left. She did all the steps but says she was just faster then everyone else so she waited for them to catch up. lol. I guess we will work on timing to the music next! ha! So proud of our little ballerina!

After dress rehearsal we took the girls to Panera to eat and relax. They were so cute. It was fun to listen to them chat with each other about the show and try to sing the song – Winter Wonderland. “Later one, when we expire” hehe. Some girls thought they were done after the dress rehearsal. They were all so excited!

Here are some pictures of the night. Natalie, Courtney and Lacie were excited for Anabel but also a little jealous. Natalie and Courtney used to take with Haley but changed to other activities. On this night, they all wanted to be wearing the glittery tutu and dancing on the big stage.