Well, tonight I really noticed that I am becoming what my husband has already labeled me – granola. I was recycling some containers, putting away the organic milk and sunflower butter while I was thinking about our school options for the fall. We are not having good luck in getting in touch with the public school for which we are zoned. We are on the waiting list for the local magnet school. And I am wondering – is home school the best option for us? The fall our lives will change dramatically no matter what we decide. In praying I feel like the Lord is saying, “Wait for me, I will show you and you will know when it is time to make a decision”. My agenda driven personality wants to get it all scheduled now. Part of it to is finding my place in our family, our world. Gosh, that sounds so selfish. I don’t think I will publish this.

Well – as you can see it was not exactly an easy summer or easy process. I am publishing this because it is cool to look back and see that God was teaching me to wait on Him. He is good. 8-21-08