One of the reasons I like to garden is because of the before and after. I like the feeling of accomplishment to plant something and watch it grow. It is fun to eat the harvest and even rewarding to clean it all out and get ready for a new start next year. I didn’t take a before picture because I didn’t think of it in time and honestly it was a little embarrassing as I have neglected the garden for the past couple of weeks. I did however harvest the following for the last time before pulling everything up. Sweet potatoes, a small watermelon, a few green beans, celery, tomatoes, green onions and one forgotten carrot. Here is a picture of the harvest, the cleaned out garden spot and the pile to be composted or thrown away.


I also enjoy the quietness of being out here. I love the sound of my children and I watch way to much tv but working out here it is usually quiet as my helpers , if I get help, have short attention spans. I can see why this is used as therapy. I have time to think and clear my thoughts. I am also constantly learning and I enjoy the challenge.
So today, as I was pulling weeds and dead plants and thinking about the before and after, I wondered how God feels about the before and after. Does He enjoy planting His seed in us and watching it grow? Sometimes pruning or pulling out the dead stuff so that we can continue to live and grow? What does my before picture look like? (Again I don’t think I want to know) What will my after picture look like? I am thankful to be in process and I have hope for a day when all that is left is a clean slate and an opportunity to praise my Creator and Sustainer.

Here is one more little picture of my shadow. Not much help but she is a good companion.