So it is time for an update on Natalie. She is doing really well in school. She brought her grades up to straight A’s the second 9 weeks. She has adjusted well to Merrol Hyde Magnet and we are proud of her for working hard.

She is growing up so fast. Last week we had a great conversation. We were praying for our country on Thursday. Our church is having a month of prayer for missions and each day has a different focus. We don’t always remember but we are so blessed when we do. Back to Natalie – as we talked about the upcoming changes with elections in our country and we could pray she paused and said, “mom, change starts at Redeemer (our church)”. I asked her to explain. She explained that if change started in our church that would effect our city, and that would effect our state then our country then the world. I asked her who made up Redeemer. She said, “you know Pastor Jamie, the worship team, oh and us. We make up Redeemer”. (lightbulb!) Change starts with us.

Today, Natalie went to her first swim meet. She had a great time and she did awesome. She is at the end of the pool in the tie die bathing suit. We were so proud of her.