So last year Natalie asked to sign up for the Chicken Chain project with 4-H. We looked into and even went to the meeting. We were put on the waiting the list which meant that this year if we turned in our application we would get 25 baby chicks. Well, Natalie remembered and asked again and we (let me clarify here – Mike is the one who said yes to this project) turned in our application. On March 4th we headed to the 4-H office to pick up our little box of baby chicks. We came home with 24 (not 25) baby chicks and everyone oohed and aahed. They were so cute.

Natalie helped Mike build the brooding box and now is helping him and Pop build the chicken coop. These chickens are going to have a nice little home. Natalie is doing a good job keeping them fed and watered. The other girls are doing a good job chasing them and poor Daisy is going crazy trying to figure out what these little things are that we won’t let her chase.

The girls have had a good time checking on the chickens and holding them when they were little. They grow really fast and have more than doubled in size in the first month. Now they are a little big to catch and hold but here is a funny video of Courtney holding a baby chick.

Holding Baby Chicks Video