We have had a great Christmas season this year. We did a devotion every night of December as we anticipated Christmas. This is the first year that Natalie has really listened and learned. It was so fun to read and ask her questions and then to answer her questions. We also have an advent calendar and a magnetic nativity scene that grows every day in Dec. The girls really liked taking turns with the calendar, nativity and ornament from the devotions. We have been saying a prayer all together before bed. They are so sweet to pray for family, friends and neighbors. Our neighbor across the street had a double bypass a couple of weeks ago so they have been praying that her zipper will get healed up. Sometimes they are too distracted and sometimes they pray for silly things but we keep praying.
Living in the US we are surrounded with the Santa Claus theme. We have pretty much avoided Santa until this year. We still did not promote it or talk about what we wanted. We tried to focus and Jesus and giving to others. I admit that I have been a bit to uptight about it in the past. One night the girls were dancing and singing in the living room, Natalie sang, “Christmas is about Jesus”. Mike and I just looked at each other and smiled. That was so great that in spite of all the commercialism around she had heard enough to know why we were celebrating. So I have relaxed a little. When she asks about Santa we just let her think and imagine. The amazing thing is that even though we don’t talk about it or bring it up she hears a lot from other places and pretty much knows the tradation of Santa. So we put out cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer. They were so excited it took a little bit to go to sleep. We heard Natalie telling Courtney to go to sleep so that Santa could come.
The next morning Natalie came into our room about 6:30. She had passed the living room in a morning stupor and did even notice the new presents. We tried to hold her off until Courtney woke up, but a few minutes later we gave in and let her wake Courtney up. After everyone had gone potty, we went into the living room to check on the stockings. It took them a minute to turn and see the doll house. They were so surprised and excited. They started playing and checking it out. They each got a princess groovy girl and knew Belle was for Natalie and Cinderella was for Courtney.
They also got a new bookshelf and some movies so they opened those and then played until the grandparents arrived. Then they started unwrapping. At one point Courtney said, “I open no moe, I play now”. I think that means we had a few to many things. I will try to do better next year. I think I said that last year too.
Well, all that to say we had a great Christmas and we are truly blessed with gifts, family and most of all the birth of Jesus.