We had a great day today. We were home all day and just enjoyed being together as a family with my mom and Mike’s parents. We were even able to chat online with some family in California. The highlight for me was at the end of the day. Natalie played a christmas song on the piano for Grandma and Pop. She played by memory and did so well. As part of the “show” she read from her new bible and told us the story of Jesus’ birth. We have read it and she has heard it many times this season but then she asked us what Christmas means to each of us. Daddy tried to trick her and say presents and she said no that others who said celebrating Jesus were right. Even though she really really loved opening and playing with her presents she still got that we celebrate today because God gave us his son Jesus Christ. What a huge answer to my prayers! Thank you God – I will continue to seek your face and continue to teach my children about You. We are so blessed and humbled to serve such a great God!

We hope you enjoy some of these videos. I wish I had caught her story time on video.

Natalie and Courtney wake up to check under the tree.
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More gifts
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Anabel opens her lamb.
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Quick view of the mess
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