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Courtneys’ vocabulary

Posted on Jan 18, 2007 by in Courtney | 0 comments

Here are some new words in Courtney’s vocabulary – remember that she only 21 months
Hep = Help
Wheraroo = Where are you?
Be Buts = Belly Button (added 2-26)
BowBow = Hairbow
Dandaid = Band-aid
Chup -> Kechp = Ketchup
BooBoo = Peekaboo
Gramy -> Grama= Grandma Linda
Nanli = Natalie
Mon = Come on
Sigh = Pacifier
See -> Sicky = Silky elephant that she sleeps with
She is really quite the funny girl. She will fake cough and then say “you ok”. For some reason everything else she can’t say is “lellow”

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