Here are a couple of funny things from the last couple of weeks.
We went to Bryson City, North Carolina last weekend. We went to play in Deep Creek and the girls got right in even though it was really cold. It has been very dry this year so the creek is low. While we were wading around, Natalie asks, “Why do they call it Deep Creek? The water is shallow.” We were so surprised and proud of her observation!
Now for Courtney, she wants so bad to be as big as Natalie or her friends. She is very tall for a two year and people are often commenting on how big she is. For the last week when someone asks her what her name is – she says “Big Girl”. (She does not pronounce her r’s very well so it is really cute) We have tried to explain that yes she is big girl but that her name is Courtney but she insists that it is Big Girl. Knowing her – she is just trying to be funny.