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Fall Creek Falls Camping

Posted on Oct 6, 2013 by in Anabel, Courtney, Main, Mike, Natalie | 0 comments

We just had a wonderful time camping at Fall Creek Falls. A friend had planned a reunion camping trip for my high school Acteens group. The weather forecast claimed rain so everyone but our two families cancelled. Mike and I actually planned to cancel as well but when we told Natalie and Courtney we weren’t going after all due to the weather forecast they both cried and pleaded their case. They had their hopes set on camping much more than we anticipated. So, we checked the forecast again and decided to go hoping the rain would hold at least until Sunday. I am happy to report we had a completely rain free weekend. In fact, the weather was perfect! Just cool enough to be by the fire and warm enough to be in t-shirt and shorts all day.


We hiked @2.5 miles to Fall Creek Falls, the base and back with David and their three kids. Unfortunately, Andrea had gotten sick the night before and stayed at the tent to sleep.















The trail from the overlook to the bottom of the falls is not long but it is very steep. As we began going down we passed several out of breath people and wondered if it was a good idea to continue with two 4 year olds, a 5, 6, 8 and 10 year old. We did well making it down with no injuries. We were all rewarded with a cool mist from the falls and some yummy trail mix with m&ms. ; ) I saved a little for incentive to get back to the top. I learned that from our hike up Leconte last year. It worked again. Matthew, Andrea and David’s four year old, said he didn’t think he could make it back to top just as we started back. I told him, I would share some more m&ms if he could get to the top. He was so cute. He didn’t complain again and promptly reminded me when we got to the top. We all enjoyed a little trail mix at the top.




We headed back to our campsite for lunch then played and relaxed and read. Mike and put the rain flap on the tent and prepared dinner. We thought it might start raining during the night but thankfully it stayed dry until we were half way home. Thank you God for amazing weather and a great weekend!




Sunday we woke up still waiting for the rain but it was blue skies. Mike cooked breakfast and packed up. We checked out the little lake and Inn. Then we headed to Piney Falls and had a picnic lunch. It was really a great weekend and the girls are already asking to go again. It was worth the work and we are glad to be with them while they still want to be with us. Making family memories!


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