I have been brainstorming for over a year (perhaps I should not admit how long it has taken to arrive at this name) for a proper name for my web consulting business. I am finally letting go of my Avon business. This has been a very hard decision because I enjoy both the products and my customers so much. Over the past couple of years I have picked up a few clients to work on their websites. I enjoy being in the tech world when I can get in front of my computer. The best part for me to help a client develop a solution that is right for their customers, their time commitments and their budget – basically for their mission. Along the way I have been able to help a couple of ministries get their sites working and looking good. It has been fun and I have enjoyed serving my friends and fellow servants. I am praying that as I turn to focus on just one side business it will allow me to offer better service to those clients and still serve my family well.
The new name will be Web on Mission or webonmission.com. It is a little long but wom.com is not available and every time you type it the computer tries to correct it to won. A domain has been bought but it will point to this site until I have something better to put up. Did I say this is still in process? Well, it is. The great thing about the web is that it is always in process. That is also the worst thing because you can never completely mark your website off you list of things to do. That is what I like about Web on Mission – it does give action to the process. It should be executed well and should drawn in users with simply functionality. A website should have a mission – a target market, an audience and a purpose. Web on Mission.