Last Sunday night Mike and I found ourselves laughing all night. Here are a couple of funny outtakes…
Natalie runs screaming through the kitchen while we are both trying to cook dinner. Mike turns and says to both girls, “Do not run and scream through the kitchen.” Maybe Courtney did not hear the do not or maybe she is still just One, but as he finished the sentence she comes running through the middle of kitchen screaming as loud as possible. – We could do nothing but laugh.

Mike decides to show Natalie how cool it looks to act like you are walking down a flight of stairs from behind the counter. She and Courtney both think it is really funny so they go behind the bar in the kitchen (which is taller than both of them) and says mommy watch me walk down the stairs. She follows just as daddy did it but missed the fact that you couldn’t even see her head to start off.

During dinner we started laughing at something funny and Natalie started tooting. She would laugh a little and then make this cute little toot sound. Mike and I were laughing so hard and then she stood up and said “That wasn’t me”. We laughed even harder and then Courtney said, “Daddy, you crying? Mommy, you crying?” It was really funny.

I hope these stories are as funny to you as they are to us. I am sitting here laughing just remembering them.