We have funny phrases in our home that get repeated often. Several happened during vacation last year and just saying them out loud again make us smile and giggle.

“Someone poked me in the eye, I think it was me” Anabel

“That cheese tasted like, when you stick your tongue out in a horse barn” Courtney (who sticks there tongue out in a horse barn?)

“Is it just me or are we running out of road?” Mike (turning a hairpin curve at night in the Rocky mountains)

Here are some new phrases from this week.

“Tie your shoes so you can take them off” Duffy to Courtney about her Converse boots that zip.

“You just poked your nose with my eye” Natalie as I was kissing her goodnight.

“Hold your breath and pray” Duffy to the girls after Mike let a really bad toot go and about skunked us out of the room.

Ok just proof reading this again makes me laugh. Love our family!