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I don’t have that many teeth

Posted on Jun 20, 2009 by in Main | 1 comment

Last night Mike took Natalie out for a date night. She has recently lost three of her baby teeth. Her smile is really cute. While on their date Mike took her to a new girls clothing store. She found a shirt she liked and Mike told her she had to come back with me because he knew I would not pay the much for a little girls shirt. Later on she said she wanted to save up some money to go back and buy something she liked. Mike told her the shirt cost was $30. She said, “Wow, I don’t even have that many teeth”.
(she has been saving her $1 per tooth from the tooth fairy)

1 Comment

  1. How funny! Don’t you just love the clever things that our children say? What a fun memory to share with her!

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