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July 2007

Posted on Aug 13, 2007 by in Main | 2 comments

July has come and gone and I still have not put pictures up for May and June. We were busy this summer. We had vacation Bible school the second week of July. It was so great. We were able to take a friend with us and the girls had a great time learning about Jesus. They are still singing the songs.
Natalie really started swimming and putting her face in the water. She calls herself Ariel now and Courtney calls herself Flounder.


  1. Courtney was not to be outdone by her older sister and has worked really hard to learn to swim too. By the end of summer she could jump off the side of the pool in water over her heard (she has never been afraid of the water so has always jumped right in) and then turn, swim to the side and turn and swim back to me. She got to the side one day and sai “Now I mermaid!” She was so pleased with herself. Our only problem is she will jump in when no one is watching and she tires pretty easily so you have to pay attention! She started walking into the deep end recently and was getting in over her head and the life guard started to jump in but was watching her and she was treading water and staying up!

  2. Natalie and Courtney went to church one Wednesday night with me and Natalie got to go to Mission Friends. When she came home she said “Mimi I know what I want to do when I grow up”. I asked her what and she said “I am going to go on a mission trip!” Duffy was delighted!

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