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Lacie’s 7th birthday

Posted on Aug 11, 2012 by in Main | 1 comment

We celebrated Lacie’s 7th birthday today with a pool party. Several friends from church and school came as well as her mom and stepdad. Some of are wandering who Lacie is. She was in our Christmas picture last year. And if I could get around to updating our website she would be in most of our pictures. Lacie is my niece. My mom currently has custody of her, allowing Tiffiney the opportunity to get her life back in a place so that she can be a good mom for Lacie. Lacie has been living with mom for about a year and half. We get to pick her up after school and love her as part of our family while she is here. She is a sweet girl and we enjoy having her with us while she is here.



1 Comment

  1. shes lucky to have an aunt like you!!!!!!!!!!

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