Last week Natalie and I were downstairs playing a computer game and I thought – “Courtney sure has been quiet, I wonder where she is.” Before I was able to find her I hear something plastic falling down the stairs. I look and find my lipstick caddy from the bathroom drawer – almost empty. There is one lipstick left with no lid and Courtney is standing at the top of the stairs grunting as though she wants the last lipstick out. I chase her into our bathroom and find the sweetest little lipstick face.
(Check out Photo gallery for more pictures) I couldn’t even get mad because she was just copying what she had seen me do. We look lots of pictures and had a good laugh. It is a good thing I am an Avon lady because I lost about 7 tubes of lipstick. She had stuck her finger in every single one of them. he he Now I have pictures to show all her boyfriends when she is a teenager!