May was a busy month. We flew to California as a family for the wedding of my little brother, Anthony. Natalie and Courtney were the flower girls and they were so cute. Natalie did a great job of dropping her flower petals and Courtney was there to sing and sway down the aisle. I will get some video and pics uploaded soon.

We also spent one day at Disneyland thanks to the suggestion of Grandpa Walls (Duffy’s dad). We had a great time and the girls loved seeing the princess’s, Mickey mouse, riding the rides and watching the parade.

We enjoyed time in the desert too. We went for a hike in the desert where we saw petrogliphs, ancient Indian rock carvings. The girls made bird houses with Grandpa and Mai Mai. We went swimming at Mumsie and Papa Larrys’ house. Pictures from our trip to Calif. are next on my list of things to do.

The rest of the month kept us busy getting ready for a mission trip with our church and starting ballroom dance lessons. This is also the month that Courtney started acting like a real 2 year old. She is testing her fake cry and her ability to say no. We are wondering what happened to our sweet baby. She tells us, “I no baby, I big girl.” We are both sad about that.