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Names for Baby #3

Posted on Mar 7, 2009 by in Main | 7 comments

Ok so everyone has been asking and we not completely decided. We are leaning heavily towards one of the following names. Which do you think it is or which to do you like best. Don’t be offended if we don’t pick your choice.

Full Name and Meaning What we would call her
Bella Dorothy Betterton            
Beautiful Gift of God
Bella Betterton
Anabel Dorothy Betterton      
Easy to love Gift of God
Anabel Betterton
Alea Dorothy Betterton            
Exalted Gift of God
Alea Betterton
Rebecca Dorothy Betterton      
Yoke Gift of God
Becca Betterton
Elizabeth Dorothy Betterton    
Oath of God Gift of God
Lizzy Betterton
Melody Dorothea Betterton      
Song Gift of God
Melody Betterton
Jessica Dorothy Betterton        
He beholds Gift of God
Jessie Betterton


  1. I’ve always been partial to “Lizzy”. When we talked about girl names, though obviously never got to use one, we settled on “Elizabeth Ruth”.

  2. Here’s the vote from my office cube farm (14 women, 1 man):

    Alea Dorothy: 8
    Rebecca Dorothy: 2
    Anabel Dorothea: 2 (Slight alteration)
    Elizabeth Dorothy: 1 (The goofy male suggested calling her Betty Betterton or Dotty. We sent him packing)
    Anabella Dorothy: 1 (Again, slight alteration)
    Melody Dorothea: 1

    I’m sure you’ll pick wonderful names just as you have for her sisters.

  3. My vote is for the Jessie varient which could be short for Toni Dorothy.

    Two gents on travel with me (currently in London, England) vote this way.

    Melody Dorothy………Brad (my boss)
    Elea Dorothy………..Bland (good friend and co-worker)

    Love you, Dad

  4. I really like Alea. I wold love to be able to come up with a list of girl names. We are pregnant with #3 and just found out he will be our 3rd boy. Wow, you will have 3 girls and we will have 3 boys. We will pray everything goes smoothly. Marlana

  5. I just want healthy and red headed and green eyed. haha…call her lucie dorthy betterton. or little lou. hahahahahahahaha love you

  6. I LOVE the name Alea! :O) I am praying for you and for baby Betterton #3.

  7. Melody!

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