Last night as we went in to kiss the girls goodnight this is what we found…Courtney dreaming of being Audry HepburnNatalie and silky bear
We tried to move Courtney’s scarf but even in her sleep she put back in place. I am not sure what to say about this picture. We were laughing so hard we had to leave the room a couple of times before we finished kissing them. She is always full of surprises.

Then we have our sweet and independent Natalie. As we were trying on a new dress yesterday at a little boutique she said to me, “Mom, you know I am already 5, I can do it by myself.” And then a minute later – “can you help me with the buttons?”. She wants to be so big and yet she still sleeps with her silky bear under her head. 

We are doing our best to treasure every moment that they want to be with us and play with us. We went to gymnastics this morning and then came home to do some cleaning before heading to the YMCA for swimming. The girls are doing so well in the water. They have little fear and really enjoy the water. Natalie got diving rings for her birthday and she played with them most of the time we were there today. She is a good little mermaid.