Saturday one of Natalie’s toys lost a small piece. Mike superglued the piece back on and put the glue away. A few minutes later Natalie came running into the bathroom crying and screaming. She said, “My fingers are stuck together forever”. She had tried to use the superglue herself to put the eyelashes back on her clay frog. Mike did a great job of trying to calm her down and then we read the superglue bottle to see how to get it off skin. We soaked her hand in finger nail polish remover for a couple minutes and tried not to laugh. She was so worried that her fingers would never come apart. Mike said, “Don’t worry, it won’t last forever just maybe 50 or 60 years”. She did not think it was very funny. I was kind of giggling the whole time and she said, “If it was your fingers you wouldn’t think it is very funny”. Then I told her that I had just superglued Cinderella’s leg to my hand about a week ago and she laughed – a little. She was finally able to separate her fingers and now she can laugh about it. I wanted to take a picture but it wasn’t really appropriate while she was so upset. I don’t think she will be using superglue again any time soon.