Tonight the girls both had a melt down when we returned home from a long day at preschool and with Mimi. We forgot Natalie’s silky bear at Mimi’s house. She always says that she is old enough to sleep without it and that she does not need anymore. But if we forget it the world quickly comes crumbling down. She realized it before we even got her pajamas on and just started bawling. Natalie would not stop crying even through prayer time. after we kissed them and left the room she was started really crying again. Mike decided to try and turn the situation around. He used his cell phone to call our home and told Natalie the water company was calling to tell her that she needed to stop crying because she was using up all the tears. He told her that there were other children that wanted to cry but couldn’t because she had used so many tears. It took her a minute but she eventually started laughing. She thought it was Grandpa (Dad you will be questioned about this later – I guess they know you are a jokester). As “the water company” finished the call natalie had stopped crying. Courtney wanted to talk to “the water company” as well. I told her that she didn’t need to because she was not crying. She started crying so that they would call back. Mike called again as the water company. Courtney was glad to talk to him and told him that he was really funny. She too was convinced that it was Grandpa. It totally worked. They were both laughing before they went to sleep. My husband is so smart.