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Posted on Nov 3, 2008 by in Main | 3 comments

We are happy to say that our ultrasound today was very good. The baby looks great and measured well even a little long which should not such a big surprise after our tall girls. We are having another girl. Courtney is excited and Natalie is not sad even though she has been praying for a baby brother for a couple of years. She said she would just pray again after this baby is born. I was so anxious before the ultrasound and half way through as we saw her moving and measuring well I felt my heart relax. God is good and feel blessed to have another healthy baby. Here are a few pics from the ultrasound. Clockwise starting from the top: front facial view, foot, two feet, profile shot.


  1. Geoff & I were just discussing yesterday how far along you were & that surely you were about to find out what gender the baby is. Funny that your ultrasound was today. I’m glad everything looks good & hope you’re excited about having another girl.

  2. Thanks Lorie. We are so glad that she is healthy. I know you are ready to see your new little one.

  3. wow, girl #3!! congratulations!!!! okay we should actually talk on the phone soon! xoxo, m

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