Here are some funny stories from the last week.
Last night Courtney accidently peed in her pants outside while we were playing on my new hammock(Thanks to Mike – he did good for my bday). As we were walking into the house, Courtney said, “Oh no, I peed on my shoes too”. I said, “It is good that you are wearing your water shoes”. She said “They are water shoes not pee shoes”. I doubled over with laughter and she looked up at me and said, “Mommy are you peeing?” – Ok more laughing at this point.

Ok Here we are playing wedding

Second time around – Courtney decides she wants someone else to sing

Everyone seems to have a little gas tonight. So as we are getting ready for bed, Mike says, “Gosh, you are tootin’ up a storm”. Natalie responds, “Does that mean I am tootin’ so much I am going to make a tornado?”