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Two Hands

Posted on May 9, 2007 by in Courtney | 0 comments

Last night while we were eating dinner, Natalie asked to drink out of a big cup with no top. We reminded her to use two hands and be careful. She is really growing up and had no problem. She drank her milk right up. Courtney didn’t want to miss out on being a big girl and also asked for “No Top”. We reminded her of two hands and to be careful and she also did a great job.
Now the funny part – while taking a bath later that night, the girls were playing tea party. Courtney asked Mike if he would like some drink. Being the good dad he is of course he said yes. As he went to pick up the cup, Courtney reminded him to use “Two hands, Daddy, careful”. We were both laughing so hard we did need to use two hands.
Two hands

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