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Vacation – a good way to start summer

Posted on Jun 19, 2008 by in Main | 0 comments

We took off on May 31st headed for Myrtle Beach. We spent a week at a great beach house enjoying each other and time to play and relax. Natalie and Courtney really enjoyed playing in the sand and water.
My mom and 7 year nephew went with us. It was Shane’s first time to see the ocean.
Here are the kids before going to see a production show one night.

Some other highlights included riding rides, staying up late for fireworks, no naps, driving go carts, and even catching a small sand shark. We all had a great time. Be sure to see the new pictures.

One day on the beach we buried the kids the in sand and made mermaids and a shark. They had fun and so did we.

Two little mermaids

Two little mermaids swimming from a shark.

One bitten little mermaid and one swimming mermaid.

Two little bitten mermaids and a shark.

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