Ok somehow we have avoided a visit with Santa for 6 years. We have been honest about Santa Claus only to be told by our children that we are wrong and that he is real. So last year we gave in to peer pressure (our parents) and let them have their own ideas of Santa. Well our society quickly filled in the gaps. We have read them the story of the original St. Nicholas and then when they ask we simply respond with – “what do you think”. Hopefully, we are setting them up for a big disappointment and also allowing them to have a little imagination.

Well, this year we were at an event where they were taking pictures with Santa. The girls were all dressed up and really wanted to talk to him. There was no line so we did it. Now – this year the only thing the girls have really asked for is a “rel puppy”. Natalie wants a black and white one and Courtney wants a brown and white one. We have tried to tell them that this is not a good time of year for a puppy. It is so cold out to be training a new dog. Daddy is getting ready for surgery and that may be a bit to much to take on for right now. Well – after the picture Santa asked what they wanted for Christmas. When Natalie told him a puppy, he didn’t even blink. He said they had been trying to make them in his toy shop but that it just wasn’t possible. He looked at us and continued to say that she would have to talk to us about a puppy. We were so relieved. Then he said that a puppy might freeze on the sleigh coming from the north pole. Natalie said, “Oh, I didn’t even think of that.” So now they are both ok with waiting till birthdays to ask for a puppy.

Big Thanks to Santa at Opryland Hotel! This conversation was worth paying for the photo (turned out ok) as I think it has saved us from two very disappointed girls on Christmas morning.

Anyone heard of a chocolate ring maker? That is Natalie’s new request.