Watching Courtney right now is so much fun. If you don’t live close to us you are missing some really fun things. Her vocabulary is increasing every day and her words are getting clearer. (See entry on vocabulary) She can count to 3 by herself which is not bad for not even being 2 yet. She likes to sing along with Natalie to our church cd and Twinkle, twinkle, and Jesus loves me and I even heard trying to start singing her ABC’s. Ok so maybe I am a proud mom but it is so fun to see them learn.
Courtney is sleeping tonight for the second night without a pacifier – this is a big deal. She is also wearing pull-ups and going on the potty a couple of times a day. She loves to watch and copy Natalie and she loves her Daddy and his Truck. She asks everytime we pull into the driveway, “Daddy, home?” She knows to look for his truck.
She also loves animals and is rarely afraid of them. She knows where the horses are on the way home and waves at them every day. She also says hi to Duke – the neighbors dog.
She has been taking swimming lessons and doing a great job. She has no fear of the water and will jump right to you – so be ready. Last night as she stepped up on her stool to brush her teeth in her diaper she picked up some sunglasses and put them on to brush. It was funny to see her standing there in her diaper with sunglasses brushing her teeth.
We recently had her hair cut – maybe the bangs are a little short – but oh so cute!