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Posted on Jan 3, 2011 by in Anabel | 2 comments

Tonight after I put Anabel to bed she started crying so Mike went to check on her. He has a kidney stone on the move so I went to check on him. I overheard the following as he tried to soothe her.
Mike: Does your belly hurt?
Anabel: yeah
Mike: Do your teeth hurt?
Anabel: yeah
Mike: Does your hair hurt?
Anabel: yeah
Mike: Does your chair hurt?
Anabel: yeah
Obviously still working on understanding and communicating but so cute.


  1. I can totally relate to that conversation since Anabel and Rosalie are similar ages! Totally cute!

  2. Anabel has a rocking chair in her room and it happened to catch my attention after asking about her hair…random, i know…

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